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JV Partnership Creates New Opportunities for the Double Walled Tank Market in United States and Canada

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Australia’s market leader in fuel storage tanks, F.E.S. TANKS, has formed a new JV partnership with African-based Orca Fuel Solutions to launch Unity Fuel Solutions into the US and Canadian fuel storage market.

Unity Fuel Solutions – Double Walled Tank – USA – CANADA

The venture will bring a new range of precision-engineered double-walled fuel storage tanks and mobile refuelling solutions into a market that consumes more than 540 billion litres of motor grade fuel every year.

F.E.S. TANKS Director Robert Salerno said Unity Fuel Solutions was an exciting move into the North America market.

“We’re pleased to partner with ORCA Fuel Solutions, Africa’s leader in innovative fuel storage tanks, to launch Unity Fuel Solutions into the North American market,” he said.

“Unity Fuel Solutions brings together the deep knowledge base and extensive product range of the ORCA and F.E.S. teams. We’re a great team with the skills and the geographic reach to design fuel storage and distribution systems that meet the particular needs of businesses across multiple industries and across the world.

“Our combined experience working from urban areas to remote and often-harsh environments across Australia, Papua New Guinea and Africa, the Unity team offers a wealth of insight and experience in the manufacture of robust fuel storage equipment and logistics. This is where Unity Fuel Solutions will add real value for United States businesses.”

Unity Fuel Solutions Managing Jacky Shapiro said the Unity range of BLOC and GRANDE tanks would provide a versatile solution for US businesses looking for an affordable quality fuel storage option that could be installed quickly and easily.

“Business logistics in the United States is a $1.6 trillion market and with considerations like the growing use of biofuels due to Federal mandates, there is strong demand in that market for new fuel storage options,” she said.

“The Unity Fuel Solutions range of double-walled fuel storage tanks and mobile refuelling solutions provides an excellent alternative to existing fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure, much of which is rapidly becoming unfit for purpose.”

About Unity Fuel Solutions

Unity Fuel Solutions is a new joint venture focused on creating better fuel solutions for industry on the move in North America.

It brings together Australia’s market leader in above ground double-walled storage tanks, F.E.S. TANKS and ORCA Fuel Solutions, Africa’s leading manufacturer of precision-engineered fuel management solutions.